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In 1889, a small group of Christians, led by Reverend Cannon begin to have meetings and conduct services from house to house.  Finally, one house was consecrated for this purpose and from this humble and inauspicious beginning, Mount Nebo was established.

In 1903, another pastor, Reverend I. Harris, was installed.  After four (4) years of services, he was succeeded by Reverend C.B. Brewer in 1907.  Under the leadership of Reverend Brewer, the present site was purchased.  Reverend Brewer gave fifteen (15) years of excellent service and leadership to Mount Nebo and then resigned to offer his services elsewhere.  A few months after his resignation of Reverend Brewer, Reverend I.I. Ross was elected.  Reverend Ross led the church during an extremely critical time, "The Depression".  He ministered to Mount Nebo for eleven (11) years.

In 1937, Reverend R. S. Sims was installed as pastor for which he led for two (2) years.  1939 saw Reverend C. R. Holmes at the helm of leadership in Mount Nebo.  During his administration, many souls were saved and the church membership enlarged.  After seven (7) years of productive leadership, here at Mount Nebo, Reverend Holmes left for St. Louis, Missouri.  After Reverend Holmes left, Reverend L.E. Highshaw became our next pastor; and served for two (2) years.  Later our seventh (7th) pastor, Reverend J. L. Lawson was elected in 1948.  Under Reverend Lawson's leadership, the church made tremendous strides forward in terms of membership, building and spirituality.

The church completed the first stage of the three stage-building plan to remodel our edifice.  For thirty-one years, Reverend Lawson dedicated his life to the growth and spiritual progress of Mount Nebo.  After a terminal illness, he was called from his labor to reward in 1981.  After serving as Assistant to Reverend Lawson beginning in 1980, Reverend L. C. Battles became pastor of Mount Nebo in October of 1981. 

Under the leadership of Pastor Battles, our church has continued to grow spiritually and numerically.

2002-2003 :     Established partnership with Barraque Street & St. Bethel churches, with Bare Care Cancer Prevention Educational Program, Participates in TOPS Program (Pastor Battles serves on the board of directors).  Participates in a Foster Care screening partnership with University of Arkansas Medical Science, participated in the "Stamp Out Smoking Program", sponsored by the Jefferson County Tobacco Coalition.

2004 - Present:  On March 7th, 2004 dedicated the new edifice.  At the start of 2020 a technology ministry was added due the Covid-19 pandemic in order to continue Worship Service.

We know that it's only been through the will of God that we have existed for Over One Hundred Thirty-Four Years, and  the Lord is still blessing Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church.

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